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New Indian Recipes
10 most recently added Indian food recipes!:
1. Drumstick Curry
2. Ridge gourd chutney(torai)
3. Masoor ki fry
4. Bread puff
5. Cabbage vadi / kabichi vadi
6. Salad of raddish leaves (muli ke patte)
7. Tangi lemon sharbat
8. Baked Cinnamon Apple French Toast
9. Baked Cheezy Makaroni (Pasta)
10. Fast and easy Dhudhi ka halwa
Indian Ingredients
Indian recipe ingredients and spices pictures, with English (E) meanings and Hindi (H) translations!

E: Coriander Seeds
H: Dhania Beej
(Indian Spices)

E: Corn
H: Makai
(Fruits and Veggies)

E: Bun
H: Paav, Pav, Pao
(Lentils and Pulses)

E: Chickpeas (brown)
H: Chana
(Lentils and Pulses)

E: Barley
H: Jav
(Other Ingredients)

[More Ingredients...]
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potato - 1,
salt - 2 tsp,
red pepper - a pinch,
mustard seeds - 1 tsp,