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Indian food recipes > Chutneys / Pickles > Sweet Chutney for Pani puri
Sweet Chutney for Pani puri Recipe
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Sweet Chutney for Pani puri
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Sweet Chutney for Pani puri Recipe - Print This!<--Print this Recipe Send to a friend-->Sweet Chutney for Pani puri Recipe - Send it to a friend!
A decadent indian recipe for sweet chutney for pani puri!
Category: Indian Spices
English: Tamarind Tamarind - Imli
Hindi: Imli

:: Ingredients for Sweet Chutney for Pani puri
Jaggery (grated)- 5 tablespoons
Tamarind- lemon sized ball
Seedless dates- 5
Red chili powder- 1/4 tsp

:: How to make Sweet Chutney for Pani puri
Soak tamarind in water and strain. Chop
the seedless dates and cook with little
water. Add all the ingredients and grind
into a smooth paste. Strain through a
strainer. Boil for few minutes until it
becomes thick.

(Recipe Submitted by: Anonymous)
:: Sweet Chutney for Pani puri Cooking Videos

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