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Indian food recipes > Breakfast Recipes > Instant Idlis
Instant Idlis Recipe
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Instant Idlis
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You wont find a better instant idlis recipe anywhere!
Category: Other Ingredients
English: Yeast Yeast - Khamir, Khameer
Hindi: Khamir, Khameer

:: Ingredients for Instant Idlis
Rice flour- 2 1/2 ups
Urad dhall - 1 cup
Yeast- I pinch, luke warm water- 2 tablespoons, salt -

:: How to make Instant Idlis
Method: First soak the urad dhal in hot water for 45
Minutes and then grind it as a
fine paste.Then Mix Rice flour in water to get the batter
consistency and then add
the urad dhall paste and salt and the yeast soaked in luke
warm water mix it well
and keep it aside for 1 hour and U can make fluffy idlis..!

:: Instant Idlis Cooking Videos

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