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Butter Chicken
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Most Popular Indian Recipes
1. Egg Bujia
Egg Bujia
(2549 Views This Month)
2. Instant Idlis
Instant Idlis
(92 Views This Month)
3. Chole ? Punjabi Style
Chole ? Punjabi Style
(89 Views This Month)
4. Reshmi Chicken
Reshmi Chicken
(74 Views This Month)
5. Egg Moglai
Egg Moglai
(70 Views This Month)
Best Indian Recipes
1. Egg Parata
Egg Parata
Rating: 3.8261 (23 votes)
2. Channa Masala
Channa Masala
Rating: 3.6667 (12 votes)
3. Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi
Rating: 3.6316 (19 votes)
4. Banana Rolls
Banana Rolls
Rating: 3.6250 (16 votes)
5. Aval Kesari
Aval Kesari
Rating: 3.5833 (12 votes)